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Capital City Career Opportunities, Inc.

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Laurie Gallo, M.A.

Founder & Director


Founder and Executive Director of Capital City Career Opportunities, Inc (CCCO), a 501c3 Non-Profit organization dedicated to supporting individuals with disabilities. My passion for this work stems from a deeply personal experience—I have been advocating for my sister, who sustained a traumatic brain injury in a car accident at the age of 2, supporting her throughout her journey navigating the world of work.

At CCCO, my goal is to educate, advance, and engage individuals with disabilities in the greater Sacramento Area. I achieve this by fostering connections, sharing vital information, creating opportunities, and strengthening the individuals I have the privilege to support as well as educating our community on the benefits is working with individuals with disabilities.

With over 20 years of experience as a vocational rehabilitation counselor, I have empowered clients to lead fuller, more independent lives by assisting them in achieving their employment goals. I conduct thorough assessments of each client’s capabilities and limitations to collaboratively set employment objectives. I arrange tailored training programs and facilitate job training, guiding clients through the application process to secure meaningful employment opportunities.

Throughout my career, I have supported clients dealing with diverse challenges including physical disabilities, mental illness, psychological disorders, and substance abuse issues. My approach integrates their educational and employment backgrounds, taking into account their specific disabilities, to design and implement effective plans geared toward competitive employment outcomes

Masters of Arts - Career Counseling, Chapman University
Bachelor of Arts - Psychology, Chapman University

Associate of Arts - General Education/ Liberal Studies, Cosumnes River College

Anthony Medina

Director of Operations

I have been working with Capital City Career Opportunities, Inc. since 2017 as an Intake Specialist/Office Manager. My objective is to help people discover and unlock their potential by evaluating their goals and guiding them to create a plan that will provide the knowledge they need to gain meaningful employment. I assist them with the beginning steps of employment preparation, such as narrowing down job goals, evaluating their resumes and cover letters, and providing feedback on their interviewing skills to help ensure they are fully prepared to start their search for a job.

In 2021, I attended Cornell University’s Institute of Employment & Disability where I completed a graduate certificate and was granted a full credential as a Work Incentives Practitioner (WIP).  As the Work Incentives Practitioner (WIP) for Capital City Career Opportunities, Inc., I assist consumers who are SSI/SSDI beneficiaries to make informed choices regarding the impact of employment on public benefits including cash and health benefits, available work incentives, and reporting of wages and work incentives usage.


Work Incentive Practitioner - Cornell University

Nathan Young

Employment Specialist

Drawing from my past roles, I’ve acquired valuable experience working in a community center with youth and addressing customer service, safety, and environmental health concerns. As a Job Developer at Capital City Careers, my core duty involves collaborating closely with consumers, helping them discover fulfilling career paths that align with their talents. I facilitate personalized mock job interviews and offer targeted employment resources to sharpen their skills and bolster their job search efforts. My unwavering commitment is to empower each consumer, ensuring they recognize their potential and gain the confidence necessary to achieve their employment aspirations, supported by our dedicated Capital City Careers team.

Jesseca Johnson

Employment Specialist

With a profound dedication to empowering individuals to reach their true and full potential, I bring over seven years of experience as an Employment Specialist to the team. Holding an Associate of Arts degree in Human Services and an Associate of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus on Social and Behavioral Sciences, I combine academic knowledge with hands-on expertise to provide exceptional support and guidance to job seekers.

Throughout my career, I have demonstrated a strong commitment to helping others navigate the complexities of the job market, offering personalized coaching, resume development, interview preparation, and career planning services. My empathetic approach and keen understanding of human behavior enable me to connect with clients on a deeper level, fostering a supportive environment that encourages growth and self-discovery.

I am passionate about creating opportunities for individuals with disabilities and those of diverse backgrounds, believing that everyone has unique strengths and talents waiting to be unlocked. By leveraging my extensive experience and educational background, I strive to make a positive impact in the lives of those I serve, guiding them towards fulfilling and sustainable career paths.

Outside of work, I enjoy volunteering in the community, continuing education, and exploring new methods to enhance my professional skills. My unwavering dedication to my professional development ensures that I remain at the forefront of industry trends and best practices, consistently delivering high-quality service to clients.


Associate's Degree in Human services

Associate's Degree In Science in Interdisciplinary Studies, Social and Behavioral Sciences

Sam Stephano

Intake Coordinator

As the Intake Coordinator with Capital City Careers, my role is to work closely with consumers and assist them in the first step of the process, their Intake Interview. During the Interview process, information is taken that is vital for the process to proceed. Although it is just the first step, it is an important phase in which the Intake Coordinator acquires the necessary information to pass along to the Job Developer or Employment Specialist.

Nancy Eader


As a dedicated receptionist at Capital City Careers, I warmly welcome visitors and callers, ensuring a positive experience for everyone who walks through our doors. My passion lies in supporting individuals with disabilities on their employment journey. Capital City Careers has been a beacon of opportunity, connecting job seekers to meaningful work. I’m here to assist, educate, and create an inclusive environment.


Linda Ellis, MN, BSN, RN

Board Member


Linda has a Masters in Nursing degree from UCLA where she specialized in child psychiatric nursing and developmental disabilities. She has over 40 years of combined clinical and management experience specializing in acute psychiatric nursing, community mental health, and hospital administration. In June of 2019, she retired from the Department of Health Care Services where she conducted surveys of California State-licensed psychiatric health facilities and mental health rehabilitation centers.


Linda has worked with all age groups, from children to seniors, with a wide range of client problems. She has taught extensively to a varied audience, from physicians, nurses, mental health workers, social work and nursing students to patients and in-home support caregivers, using all adult learning and training styles. Her passion is helping to reduce the stigma towards the mentally challenged.


Master’s in Nursing: Psychiatric Nursing, Developmental Disabilities Teaching - UCLA

Bachelor of Science in Nursing - Georgetown University

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